Bring Down The Carbon Footprint of Your Commercial Setup With The Help of Eco Friendly Steel buildings

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One of the biggest worries the current inhabitants of Earth are facing is the increasing effects of global warming. We have finally come to a point where we have realized how our actions are negatively affecting the environment and we are constantly looking for environment friendly alternatives.

From minimizing the use of plastic covers while shopping to carpooling and using public transport to get to places, we are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. If we’re looking to save the environment in such small ways, it’s high time we make changes in the bigger things too.

Buildings also emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and not in small amounts. So, the need of the hour is to build environmentally responsible ‘Green’ buildings, which are a lot safer and healthier.

So, how do you go about reducing the carbon footprint of your commercial building?

The first step is to start planning very early. At the beginning phase of your construction project, make sure you consider all the options that are environmentally viable and also economically possible for your commercial building. Once thorough analysis is done, come up with a building plan that helps you identify which method contributes maximum to the welfare of the environment.

On detailed analysis, it was found that using steel to construct buildings is an extremely eco-friendly choice due to steel’s high reusability. Since it does not lose quality over recycling, it can be recycled 100% without any adverse effect. Future steel buildings are said to reduce the carbon footprint considerably.

Additionally, since steel is prefabricated and manufactured in factories, there is lesser waste when compared to traditional construction of buildings and this reduces carbon footprint as well.

It’s not always about building a house or a commercial setup using environmental friendly raw materials. It’s about constructing a building that helps to reduce the environmental impact of carbon even after its construction. This can be done by planning a proper heating and ventilation system, efficient air conditioning systems, etc.

Steel scores in this aspect as well. It has high capability to accommodate solar panels and is extremely energy intensive. It also does not release heat into the atmosphere during night time, like conventional buildings, but reflects the heat received from the sun almost instantly. This way, it does not contribute to global warming.

The production of steel has also been optimized to reduce carbon emissions. Carbon emissions from steel production have been reduced from 2.2 tonnes per tonne of steel to 1.7 tonnes per tonne of steel.

Future steel buildings also do not get damaged easily and hence, the environmental impact due to repairs and reworks can be eliminated.

Eco-friendly future steel buildings and environmentally safe options for living are the need of the hour and steel, with its numerous advantages, offers just that. In addition to being eco-friendly, it is also extremely long lasting and durable, making it a safe alternative to the traditional buildings.

Steel is currently contributing a lot to a future with low carbon and utilizing this to the maximum would do us and our future generations a lot of long-term good.


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